Hey there, I'm Emily Hamre—an experienced digital designer en route from Boston to Chicago


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For the past four years I've been enjoying life in Boston while designing at Fort Point Design, where I most liked working on projects that supported people with various mental health challenges. I also volunteered with AIGA Boston where I led the communications team in expressing the chapter's voice, and working with other teams to pull off a variety of projects and events. I approach all my work the same way: thoughtfully, and by continually asking questions.

The end of 2017 called for some change so I packed my things, scooted over to Portugal to spend some time in a new culture, and am now heading to Chicago to make myself at home in a new city and design community. 

If you're looking for some fun factoids about me, I enjoy putting together a well-crafted sentence, getting lost in the black hole that is Wikipedia and eating pizza more often than you. Walking is my preferred method of transportation, and I like to relax by cooking somewhat elaborate dinners late at night.